Our diverse product portfolio is managed through six business units: Consumer goods, Leisure goods, Berner Industries, Pro, Machines and Agricultural trade. Our main customers are the private sector, the public sector and consumers.

Our headquarters, product development and production facilities are based in Finland, with subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway and the Baltic countries. We also seek profitable growth opportunities in regions in the vicinity of our home market.

Our operations include in-house product development and production, import operations, sales and marketing as well as efficient services for product management and supply chain management.  Berner Group also includes three other companies in Finland: Berner Chemicals Ltd is a producer of magnesium chemicals  for industrial
use and for the purification of air and water. BioA Ltd  manufactures agricultural fertilisers from raw materials sourced from the circular economy. Suomen Medituote Ltd serves professionals in the field of healthcare, care and cleanliness.

In 2020, group’s turnover amounted to  MEUR 324.3 (303.9) and operating profit to MEUR 17.6 (15.6). Group empoloyed  536 employees in avarage in 2020.

Domestic product development and production are among our key strengths. We began the production of our own products in the 1950s with the XZ oil care product. Today, we develop our products at the laboratory of our company headquarters in Helsinki’s Herttoniemi district and manufacture them at Heinävesi, where we have 60 employee and are the biggest private employer.

Quality has been the most important criteria of our products ever since 1883, when the company’s Norwegian founder Sören Berner went into the herring import business. Our high quality requirements apply to our own manufacturing as well as the products we source around the world.

Berner has a long track record of operating responsibly, and sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We want to build a better tomorrow and work to ensure well-being and good living for all of us – also 100 years from now. Our sustainability efforts are guided by our new sustainability program and its targets.

Read more in our Annual report 2020.