A steadily growing Finnish family company

  • We aim for a stable, annual increase of 5–10 percent in turnover and net profit by developing our business operation.
  • We actively seek growth also through acquisitions.
  • Honest, stable, profitable operations generate well-being for customers, staff and other stakeholders.
  • We strive to be an interesting employer and attractive workplace.

Leading multi-expert

  • Only the best! We focus on high quality products and specialise in demanding business areas.
  • We serve both the private and the public sector and consumers.
  • We invest in our own product development, production and brands, and a multi-channel supply chain management.
  • We offer the best partnership and market competence for international actors.
  • Our home market consists of Finland, Sweden and the Baltic countries. We seek for growth potential also in regions near this home market.

Berner leads with cooperation between business units

  • The business units are the best experts in the selected business areas and aim to lead the market.
  • We know the needs of our customers and develop our operations continually.