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GOSH COPENHAGEN is a young and innovative cosmetics, bath & body and fragrance company based in Denmark.
All product development, production and distribution take place from their head office in Denmark. All GOSH COPENHAGEN products are developed using the very latest technology and knowledge. GOSH COPENHAGEN is dedicated to providing their customers with fashionable, high-quality products at accessible prices.


XZ is 60 years old Finnish hair care brand. The silicone-free hair care products developed for Finnish hair are mostly manufactured in Heinävesi, Finland. The widest range of Finnish hair care products features over 50 different shampoos, conditioners, intensive hair treatments, oil treatments and hair styling products for the hair care needs of the entire family.


The genuinely Finnish Korrek car care product range includes a wide selection of products for cleaning and protecting vehicle paintwork as well as the inside of your car. Korrek products have been manufactured for the Nordic demanding weather conditions since the 1960s.


Herbina personal hygiene products offer women pampering and luxury every day. The roots and origin of the products are in the nature of Finland.


LV products have been designed especially for sensitive skin. These gentle products are also suitable for allergic or atopic skin. The carefully tested products made of the best raw materials are fragrance-free, have no colourants and are friendly to the environment.


The traditional Rajamäen Spirits Vinegar has been produced in Finland since 1892. All Rajamäen vinegars, including balsamic and spirits vinegars, are made using a natural fermentation process.


Ainu baby care products have offered solutions to make the lives of Finnish families easier since mid-1960s. The product range offers help for the needs of newborns as well as toddlers, not forgetting mothers who breastfeed. The high-quality and safe Ainu products are easy to use and they have been developed in cooperation with experts.


Lasol is Finland's most known windshield washer brand. Lasol provides freeze protection to -60°C.

Nokian Footwear

Nokian Footwear remains the most popular brand of rubber boots in Finland. Nokian Footwear combines nearly 120 years of experience with Finnish design and state-of-the-art technology. Nokian Footwear carries the Design from Finland label awarded by the Federation of Finnish Work to Finnish design, innovation, engineering, research and product development.


Oxygenol, a Finnish range of oral hygiene products, is over 100 years old. Oxygenol products are suitable for the entire family and are manufactured in Heinävesi, Finland using nature’s own ingredients, such as Finnish xylitol. The product family includes tooth pastes and mouthwashes for adults and children.


Tummeli is a deep-acting hand and body lotion that helps to keep skin healthy and resistant. The fragrance-free lotion softens chapped skin and treats hardened heels and elbows.

Tummeli is also suitable for pets; it can be used to treat dog’s pads, for example.


Berner Pro

We operate in the fields of laboratories, public and private healthcare, animal well-being, cleaning industry and kitchen hygiene. The best known brands we manufacture include Heti, Dilutus, Desinfektol, LV, Servant and Provisor. The best known brands we import include Ansell, Hill's, KLS Martin, Omron, Scanlan, Teleflex Medical, Wetrok, Comac, PAC, Lauda, Infors and Vacuubrand.


Clarins beauty products accentuate the natural beauty of all skin types. The colours of the make-up palettes have been selected so that you can easily change your make-up style according to your desire or mood.


Nuxe is a unique skincare brand that combines treatment and effectivity with its products.


The colours of the Sensai make-up products consist of classic Japanese shades that are combined in stylish and impressive colour combinations. These colour combinations suit women of all ages and styles complementing and highlighting their own charm. The make-up products skilfully combine colours and nurturing qualities with the respect of Japanese beauty ideals and craftsmanship.


Swedish IsaDora represents the latest trends, highest quality and the newest product development in cosmetics. Its wide selection of colour cosmetics is also suitable for sensitive and allergic skin as the products are fragrance-free and clinically tested.


Mavala, the hand and nail care brand known all around the world for its Swiss quality, presents a solution for every nail problem. With the perfect selection, it is easy to do a manicure at home or to achieve a professional finish. In addition to hand care products, Mavala also has foot care products.


Hill's pet foods contain high-quality ingredients. Guided by evidenced-based research, Hill's formulates its foods with a precise balance of these nutrients to meet the specific needs of pets associated with their lifestage, size or special needs.


GreenCare serves all the needs of a home gardener. GreenCare products combine expertise, easiness and the joy of success!

Berner Industries

Berner Industries

Berner Industries business area acquires products globally for its market area. We store and deliver raw materials and additives to industry and the infrastructure sector cost-effectively and quickly from our local warehouses in the Nordic countries. In addition to the Nordic region, we have customers in the Baltic countries, Russia and Belarus. We also offer various added
value services to our customers and manage the side streams generated by our customers’ production operations by utilizing them with the help of our extensive network.

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Farmer’s Avena Berner

The Farmer's Avena Berner product range cover not only Berner’s traditional market of plant protection, but also all of the key production inputs of plant production.



We offer comprehensive solutions for managing the machines of our customer companies; we sell, rent, finance and service forklift trucks and real estate maintenance machinery. We offer also extensive spare parts, servicing and maintenance services.


The versatile Kikkoman soy sauce brings taste and colour to food. Its soft flavour is a result of a natural fermentation process which lasts over six months. The product range also includes the Less Salt soy sauce and other ready-made sauces for marinating, barbecuing and preparing sushi.


High-quality cooking oil is an important part of cooking. The Lanfranchi product range includes Extra Virgin olive oils, flavoured olive oils and exotic speciality oils.


The lemon and lime juices of Italian Limmi are squeeze from real fresh fruit. These high-quality citrus juices are easy to use and suitable for using in cooking as well as in cocktails.

Aceto Balsamico

Aceto Balsamico del Duca di Adriano Grosoli is a family business established in the late 19th century. They are specialised in producing the genuine balsamic vinegar of Modena. Aceto Balsamico di Modena del Duca balsamic vinegar has an intense fruity perfume and strong flavour.


The Italian family business Saclà has harvested the best crops from the Piemonte area since 1939. The product range includes classic antipasti, olives, pasta sauces and pesto.

eau de cologne

The mother of all Eau de Cologne - 4711 Echt Kölnisch Wasser is one of the oldest brands in the world.


The classic product line, Tabac, is loved by men and contains a complete collection of fragrances for men and also includes products for daily personal hygiene.


Omron Healthcare is the world’s leading manufacturer of digital blood pressure monitors. The selection also includes high-quality and reliable equipment for exercising, weight control, pain relief, relaxation and measuring temperature.


Bic is a traditional French company who manufactures pens, razor blades and lighters. Most of the products are made in Europe and combine good price with high quality.


The mec product family includes safe, high-quality arts & crafts supplies as well as office and school supplies for all ages. Our mission is to create happy moments of fun activity with a responsible yet humorous approach.