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For press enquiries and releases please contact our Communications team

Berner Oy
Communications and Corporate Responsibility Manager
Maria Nymander 
+ 358 20 791 4079,

Berner Consumer Goods

Communications specialist | Anne Sario
Brands: Sensai, Clarins, IsDora, Bronx Colors, Nuxe, Mavala
+ 358 20 791 4322,

Communications  specialistI Paula Larjo
Brands: Herbina, LV, XZ, Rajamäen, Heti, Tummeli, Oxygenol, Ainu, Omron
+ +358 40 586 2400,

Marketing Director| Satu Laakso
Brands: Nokian Footwear, GreenCare, Korrek, Lasol
+ 358 40 828 3684,

Berner IMAGE bank

Product images and logos can be found in our image bank. The use of image bank requires registration. Berner Ltd. owns rights to all pictures and logos.