Product Development and Production

Domestic product development and production are among our key strengths. We began the production of our own products in the 1950s with a successful oil care product under the XZ brand.

With 60 employees at the Heinävesi plant in eastern Finland, we are the municipality’s biggest private employer. We have hired approximately ten new employees in Heinävesi over the past two years. At Berner, we place a high value on keeping production in Finnish hands and having the ability to employ people both directly and indirectly, also in smaller towns.

In Heinävesi, we manufacture cosmetics and hygiene products, car care products, washing agents and cleansers
and vinegar products. Our best-known brands include XZ, LV, Herbina, Ainu, Oxygenol, Tummeli, Lasol, Korrek, Heti and the Rajamäen product family.

In 2020, our factories produced 17.7 million products in total which was an increase of 20 percent since 2019. . We multiplied the production volumes of our disinfectant products as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The demand for hand soaps, among other things, also increased substantially.

In 2020, we launched about fifty new products developed by our own research and development team and produced in Heinävesi.

Berner has been operating in Heinävesi since 2001, following the acquisition of the H1 plant and the transfer of water-based hygiene products from our Herttoniemi plant to Heinävesi. In 2014, we opened two new plants in Heinävesi: H2 producing ethanol-based products and the H3 vinegar plant