We create value for our stakeholders

As a responsible family company, we want to build an even better tomorrow for the current and future generations. That is why we make sure to create value and growth everywhere we operate.

Solvency and profitable growth

The emphasis of our economic responsibility is on strong solvency and profitable growth. Strong solvency and profitable growth enable long-term commitment to staff well-being and social welfare through taxes, among other things.

Target 2020 – 2022   Results 2021
.Our goal is to uphold a steady increase in our turnover and profit. We believe that we can respond to the market demand even better in the future based on our recent investments in the development of information
The Group’s operating profit increased in 2021
31.7% to EUR 23.2 million. Our net sales increased by 28.8% to EUR 417.7 million.


Local tax footprint

Berner’s operations generate economic well-being for several stakeholders. It is a matter of honor for us to invest in and pay our taxes in our local countries of operations.


Production in Finland

At Berner, we place a high value on keeping production in Finnish hands and having the ability to employ people both directly and indirectly, also in smaller municipalities. Products of Berner Group companies are manufactured in seven Finnish municipalities: Heinävesi, Helsinki, Kouvola, Kokemäki, Lapua, Kaipiainen and Mietoinen


Charity partnerships with UNICEF and HelsinkiMissio

The end of 2019 saw the launch of two extensive and longer-term charity partnerships.

Berner and four other Finnish entrepreneur families support UNICEF’s three-year initiative to reduce maternal mortality and child mortality in Rwanda through their BF&HAPPY project.

Together with three Finnish foundations and an entrepreneur family, Berner is also supporting HelsinkiMissio’s three-year project which aims to provide young people with easily accessible counseling with a professional as well as volunteering support contacts.