Our three values form the basis for all our operations.  Our purpose “Protecting tomorrow” is based on values and indicates our strong emphasis on sustainability.


The company’s foundation is its employees contribution to the company. All work at Berner is valuable, meaningful and productive. Our operations are founded on a spirit of entrepreneurship, with each person having influence and control over their work.

All of our operations must be based on honesty in relation to our clients, principals,
other cooperation partners and personnel. Integrity at Berner means reliable, wellplanned
and transparent operations.

Berner succeeds when our employees succeed. In an equal working environment, we care
for each other, cheer each other on and trust that by working together we will succeed.


We are protecting tomorrow. We work to ensure well-being and good living for all of us – also 100 years from now. That’s what protecting tomorrow means for us.

The history of Berner is colourful – and full of changes. We started off as a small family business importing herring to Finland back in 1883. Over more than a hundred years, we’ve grown into a multi-faceted, family-owned company that works in six areas of business and employs over 500 talented professionals.

Through the years, many things have changed, but one thing always remains at the heart of Berner: everything we do, we do for a better tomorrow. We act in ways that ensure well-being and good living for all of us – also 100 years from now.