We take care of our personnel’s well-being

To us, the well-being of our employees is a matter of pride. That is why we invest in safety, diversity, equality and inclusion, good leadership and personal possibilities for development.

Main targets 2023-2025 Achievements in 2023
Zero accidents and occupational illnesses. Within the group, there were 7 injuries leading to at least 1 day of absence (-1 compared to 2022). No
occupational disease cases were identified
We achieve the goals we set for occupational well-being surveys. Workplace well-being surveys were conducted at Chemigate Ltd and its subsidiaries, as well as at Bröderna
Berner Ab and its subsidiaries. The results of the surveys exceeded the set targets. At Berner Ltd, an Aisti
well-being assessment was conducted, for which no performance target had been set.
We exceed national averages in management 360 assessments. A 360 assessment was carried out at Berner Ltd., with results that exceeded the average of the Finnish
leadership index.
We find out the current state of diversity and inclusion and prepare the goals of the programme. A survey of the current situation was carried out as an employee survey in November 2023 (Berner Ltd).


Responsibility for employees is based on our values

Responsibility for employees is based on our values Berner’s values of work, integrity and humanity
have been the foundation of taking care of our personnel for decades. Social responsibility and being a good employer are a central part of Berner’s history and future.

Occupational safety and well-being at work

Our goal within the Berner Group is to have 0 injuries and occupational disease cases. We did not achieve our target regarding injuries, as in 2023 there were 7 injuries leading to at least 1 day of absence,

Berner Ltd’s Aisti well-being survey was organised in the spring for all employees. The response rate was 68% and the overall average score was 71/100.

Equality, diversity and inclusion

In order to understand the current state of diversity and inclusion, we conducted a comprehensive survey of employees at Berner Ltd . The anonymous and voluntary survey surveyed both the diversity of our
personnel and their experiences of equality and an inclusive atmosphere at our workplace. The survey was answered by 277 employees of Berner Ltd, which represents 50% of the permanent staff. The processing and
analysis of the results will continue in early 2024.

Competence development

We want to ensure the competence development of our personnel.  Every Berner employee has the right and the obligation to participate in an annual development discussion. We aim to further strengthen our development discussion process and its documentation as well as make more systematic use of career and development plans in
competence management. Our remuneration practices are based on the targets set for work.

Leadership development

Good leadership at Berner refers to operating in accordance with our values and allocating human resources appropriately to support the achievement of business objectives. We take the diversity of people and tasks into account in our management and we want to be a work community that appreciates the strengths that enable diversity.

We support the success and development of our managerial work through supervisor training and by conducting regular 360-degree leadership appraisals.