We have active customer relationships in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark, and we are looking for new cooperation opportunities internationally.

The word “Agency” in the title of our business unit is a traditional term honouring the memory of how the story of Berner started in 1883. Today, the uninterrupted and reliable availability of our products is and will be of the utmost importance to our clients. That is why we procure and import our products to our own storages directly from our principals in Asia, Europe and Northern American regions. Traditional commission agency covers only a few percent of our turnover today.

We are a financially sound and reliable operator, and we are able to support you in both smaller and bigger chemical and raw material needs and ensure their cost-effective supply chain. The volume of our import batches can vary from sea containers, lorry loads and several railway carriages to whole cargo ships, depending on the need and market of the product in the target country customer base.

There are several packaging options for each product. Powdery products are delivered in small sacks, jumbo bags, in bulk by silo trucks or shiploads. Liquid products are delivered in barrels, IBCs and in bulk by tank truck or train.

We operate in the following industries:
• Animal feed industry
• Food and beverage industry
• The dedusting and de-icing of streets and other infrastructure
• Chemical industry
• Mining and metal industry
• Fertiliser industry
• Energy industry
• Biogas production
• Textile and leather industry
• Glass manufacturing and industry
• Wastewater treatment and potable water facilities
• Forest and bioproduct industry


Our experts are at your service in several sectors of industry:

Mika Pirhonen

Director, Business Unit Agency

+358 20 791 4251


Teemu Palviainen

Sales Director, Pulp and paper industry, water treatment

+358 20 791 4144

Sirpa Nuutinen

Sales Manager, Chemical industry

+358 20 791 4430


Satu Mensala

Sales Manager, Food industry

+358 20 791 4318

Anna-Mari Rojas

Sales Manager, Food industry

+358 20 791 4332


Elina Kallio-Sihvonen

Sales Manager, Infra

+358 20 791 4191

Renata Kent

Sales Manager, Wood Chemistry

+358 20 791 4010


Minna Rännäli

Sales Manager, Feed Industry

+358 40 525 4147

Anna Salakka

Specialist, Animal Nutritionist

+358 20 791 4110


Olli-Pekka Taivalmaa

Development Manager

+358 20 791 4353

Heidi Ropponen

Logistics Coordinator

+358 20 791 4015


Russia & CIS:

Anna Savtchenko

Regional Manager Russia & CIS

+358 20 791 4062

Ilona Marjamaa

Logistics coordinator

+358 20 791 4170



Mats Nilsson

Regional Manager Scandinavia

+46 70 258 05 64

Cynthia Magaña

Logistics Coordinator, Nordic

+46 76 118 77 28


Areal representatives of fur animal feed in Finland:


Areal representative of fur animal feed in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania: